Before the time of Skin Rich

In the beginning, before the birth of Skin Rich, we have created two oil-in-water serums to target dull and wrinkling skin (yes, including ours).  It was very difficult to balance the oil-water-emulsifer creative mix to obtain the right texture and stability, and it took us a year of trial to make it feels right.

Again, we go by our rule of no parabens, silicones, mineral oil, synthetic colours/fragrances, animal products, other skin irritants and chemical fillers, which made it much harder for us to find the right mix of ingredients to get that silky and smooth texture.

Now it is out of our hands, entrusted to our GMP producer for sampling and tests.  And it will probably take a few more months before we could officially let family and friends try out and review them.  But we know it works very well, because our testers (a group of really awesome people) came back with very encouraging reviews - it's very light and easily absorbed by the skin - suitable for all skin type.  One is focused on skin brightening and the other on skin renewal, sounds exciting, doesn't it? ;)  

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